घोषवाक्य :सशक्त परीवार - सुद्धंसमाज बलवान राष्ट्र

Rashtra Swasthya Prabodhini (RSP) is a social organization established in the year 1994, registered under society registration act 1860 and Mumbai public trust act 1950. RSP is a nonprofit making organization and not related to any religious and political group. At present RSP is working in the field of health awareness programmes at Mumbai and Bhiwandi -Thane.

A. Health Awareness: To implement health awareness programmes to reduce incidences of various contagious and infectious diseases among urban and rural society and establish medical relief centers, dispensaries and laboratories to make society healthy.

B. Educational: To create Social, Cultural and Educational awakening amongst the community, establish educational institutions and undertake recreational and welfare activities towards empowerment of women and children.

C. Society: To promote unity, goodwill, close cooperation, feelings brotherhood to increase self confidence, understanding & healthy atmosphere amongst the different communities with a view of National Integration by implementing educational, welfare and developmental, social and cultural programmes.

ACTIVITY AREA: The working area of Rastra Swasthya Prabodhini (RSP) is not confined to any region or state in the country. But at present this Trust has decided to concentrate and planned it’s main social activities only for Mumbai city and Bhiwandi-Thane accordingly to acquire wide experience. Further RSP has strong intention to intensify the activities in rural and urban area of Maharashtra state and later everywhere in the country.

FUND COLLECTION: RSP is not having enough funds to carry on its activities (other than the Projects) in full fledged manner. The trust receives funds through Voluntary donations from the donors, factory workers and charitable trusts.